1. Prospective Students

Here are a number of advices for students who would like to work with me. Normally at present, I take no more student but I am actually quite easy to convince.

a. Domestic (Australian or NZ) Students Who Want to Do a PhD

Information about possible scholarships is available here: click here.

b. International Students Who Want to Do a PhD

There exists a PhD scholarship for international students, but this scholarship is extremely competitive. So before you start looking at the application process, you should first look at the following link for self-assessment: Click here.

Information about the international scholarship is available here: click here.

c. Students Who Want to Do a Summer Internship

(Remember, summer in Australia is December-Junuary.)

Summer scholarship options are available on the ANU website: Click here.

d. Students Who Would Like to Visit

In most likelyhood, I will not be able to give you money for collaboration. You will therefore have to find some money for the visit. Here is an estimate of what you need to think about: Also, remember that, if you are not used to travelling, it might take you a week to recover from important jetlag.

2. Former and Current Students

PhD Students

Master / Honours Students

Summer Scholars

Intern Students