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Ce qui doit être démontré ne vaut rien. (What needs to be proved is worthless.) — Un couple épatant
Ban Address: Building 145
Australian National University
Acton ACT 2601
M If you think I have a mobile phone, you don't know me.

I am a researcher from the HMI Project on improving the relation between AI and humans. My main research topic has traditionally be Model-Based Diagnosis, but I also looked at problems related to AI Planning, path-finding, SAT, model checking, logic, and scheduling.

If you are a student or a researcher and you want to collaborate on a research topic for which you think I could provide useful input, the ANU is willing to support such collaborations; so don't hesitate to contact me!

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Alban Grastien
Last modified: July 2019
Il y a longtemps, déjà, que je suis un ténia. . .